Rio Grande Recorders

A Chapter of the American Recorder Society

Enjoy the Magic of Making Music

The Rio Grande Recorder Society is a chapter of the American Recorder Society. Founded in 1991, our mission is to promote interest in playing recorders and other early music instruments. We provide the opportunity for players of all levels to meet others and develop their musical skills.

Exciting Upcoming Event: 2015 October Workshop!

Today, the recorder is known as flauto dolce in Italian (sweet flute), flute-a-bec, in French, with equivalents in other languages.  Recorders are made in a variety of sizes/voices, the most common are sopranino, soprano, alto (treble), tenor, bass and great bass. View sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass  Most of today's recorders are replicas of those made in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Take a Virtual Tour of Music History.

Early Music:  Early Music is generally defined as all music, through medieval, renaissance, and baroque periods (through about 1750).  Although our emphasis is on early music we often play classical and modern, including ragtime, patriotic, and more.   Watch/hear the Flanders Recorder Quartet play Bach (alto, tenor, bass, great bass).

Learn to Play Recorders: We encourage anyone with a background in music to learn the recorder. We currently have a beginners group, and some instruments you can try out - join and learn to play a recorder - soprano, alto, tenor, bass - in a fun and comfortable environment. See our Resources page for sites to learn more.

Experienced Players:  Current recorder players, viola da gamba players, and/or players of other early music instruments are welcome to join us.  There are opportunities to play in additional small groups.

Monthly Chapter meetings are for players of all levels.

We meet in Las Cruces, NM and have members from all over southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.   We play a wide variety of music: medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, ragtime, modern and more. 

Performances:  If you'd like to schedule a concert or performance for your event, contact us.

Meetings - Playing Sessions
  • Conducted Meetings:  Sessions with a conductor, the Main Chapter Meeting - for all members.  
        Location:  Good Samaritan Activity Center,  Buena Vida Cir, Las Cruces, NM
        Time:  1:00 - 3:15  
    2nd Saturday of the month, Sept. - May
  • Casual Meetings:  Session for all levels of players.  Beginners on up.  
         Location:  Contact Us for Room Location
        Time:  Every Saturday except 2nd Saturday  of the month at 2:00 p.m.